Sanctuary of Hecate Brimo – North Carolina U.S.A

The Sanctuary of Hecate Brimo
Torchbearer: Rev. Renee Sosanna Olson
Location: Seven Springs, North Carolina, U.S.A
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The Sanctuary of Hecate Brimo will be a virtual first sanctuary where I will provide support and guidance for those looking to walk with Hecate along the middle path. We will honor the five virtues and conduct our days in line with the goddess. We will focus our energy to help those in need, protect those who cannot protect themselves and lift those who have fallen. 

The physical sanctuary will be located in Seven Springs, North Carolina on a small 3.5 acre plot near the Neuse River. When possible we will conduct rituals for the dark moon and solstices. 


Our work for the community will consist of supporting those who are less fortunate by supporting our local outreach groups. Blessing Box of Goldsboro and Furever Paws.

We will be a public sanctuary open to members and non-members of CoH.

Hail Hecate!