Sanctuary of Hekate Amaimaketon Basilian – Athens, Greece

Sanctuary of Hekate Amaimaketon Basilian
Torchbearer: Danae Soria
Location: Greece

The Sanctuary is located in the heart of Athens. That is why the main goal of the Sanctuary will be the study and worship of Hekate as it was in Ancient Greece. We also want open a space for devotion and magic through shared knowledge and practices so we can learn from each other. The shrine has a special interest in worshiping the Mysteries of Eleusis and the essential role that Hekate has in them. The Sanctuary intends to work in the sacred places we fortunately have so close to us which is why we can offer advice to other CoH members visiting Greece. In the future we hope to incorporate oracular trance and healing into our agenda.

Meetings: The Sanctuary organises several events throughout the year that will be announced on the Facebook group which will be only for members of the Covenant. Non-CoH members may come to these events but with an invitation. The meetings will be in Athens although some activities can take place in specific sites.

Requirements for attendants: CoH membership or by personal invitation. Monetary exchange is not accepted under any circumstances. But they will be accepted as offerings for the Shrine and the Goddess as well as food and drink to share with everyone.