Sanctuary of Hekate Magna – London, UK

Sanctuary of Hekate Magna
Andrea Angelos
London, England UK

The Sanctuary is a devotional space dedicated to Hekate, to hold Her energy, emanate it, awaken and draw to Her those who are her spiritual and magickal devotees. This is a space for devotees to give offerings and prayers to Hekate available by prior appointment. Basic facilities for CoH members include being able to undergo Temple purifications and Temple sleep when seeking healing and guidance of a spiritual nature with the assistance of the Torchbearer. This is in keeping with one of the basic functions of a Sanctuary within the ancient world. We place emphasis on the development of good quality oracular and other trance work in priestesses and priests leading to improved and sustained communication with Hekate and the retrieval of techniques from the past in Her cults.

Private meetings: Generally for only CoH members but others may come by invitation. The Sanctuary will carry out its devotional and practical work at every New Moon. For some of the  Full Moons we will meet for oracular work which is only for people who already have experience of such work or who have trained in the Sanctuary.

Requirements for attendance: In order to worship and make offerings privately this will need to be arranged by prior appointment, whether members of the CoH or other Hekate devotees. Visitors will not necessarily be invited to ceremonies, but effort will be made to find a mutually suitable time for personal space to worship and make offerings. Prayers, requests to Hekate and offerings may also be made in absentia by contacting the Torchbearer. Monetary exchange is not accepted. Offerings to Hekate herself may take the form of plants, candles (red or natural beeswax), flowers, olive oil, bread, honey or red wine. Those who wish to make a permanent offering are requested to consult the Torchbearer before doing so.

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