Sanctuary of Hekate Pasikrateia – Lower Saxony, Germany

Hekate Shrine - Florian Schlie

Hekate Shrine – Florian Schlie

Sanctuary of Hekate Pasikrateia
Florian Schlie
Aerzen (near Hameln), Lower Saxony, Germany

The Sanctuary of Hekate Pasikrateia is dedicated to Hekate as the Great Goddess. The Epithet Pasikrateia means the Almighty One or Queen of All. It comes from the 3rd CE. In this time the Goddess Hekate was viewed as the Great Goddess and Magna Mater, ruling over heaven, earth and the underworld. As a Goddess that is the embodiment of nature, She is the ensouler of the cosmos and ruler of the cycles. In this Sanctuary we are inspired by the views of Hekate in Late Antiquity- but we are modern people. We try to learn from the wisdom of antiquity but in a way that fits to our modern time and world.

The focus of the Sanctuary is the experience of the Goddess and to create a living and breathing connection to her. To revive her mysteries and explore these through meditation, rituals and mystical and magical practices. We view the Goddess Hekate in a holistic way as a universal and polymorphous Goddess that reveals herself in many forms and ways. We understand these many forms as different aspects of her being. The meetings of the Sanctuary will take place at different dates throughout the year. We will organise open rituals, devotional practices and meditations. The meetings are open to all people who have an interest in Hekate and to those of all spiritual or religious backgrounds. We expect that all attending people treat each other with respect.

Philosophy of the Sanctuary:
*The goals of the CoH are accepted and fulfilled in the workings of the Sanctuary.
*The Goddess Hekate is viewed as the Great Goddess, Cosmic World soul and embodiment of nature.                                                                                                                                                        *The Goddess is viewed as a real existing being. It is not necessary to believe in her to attend in our rites and meetings but to be open for the experiences. The focus of the Sanctuary is more connected to the direct experience of Hekate.
*Nature is viewed as the living and ensouled manifestation of the Goddess. Everything in nature is sacred and ensouled by Hekate. The divine is embodied in nature and we can experience it through our connection to nature. Nature is seen as the living body of the Goddess.
*Through rites, mystical practices and magic it is possible to connect with Hekate, to contact her and to experience her.
*Magic is seen as something natural, nothing paranormal. Magic is neither black or white but a natural power that connects everything in the cosmos with each other; the creative power that flows through the cosmos and through everything.
*The cosmos is seen in a holistic way. It is more than just physical. It has three realms: Material, Astral/ Etheric and Divine/Empyrean which harmonise together. Spirit is weaved into matter.
*The main focus of the Sanctuary is on Hekate and her mysteries. Next to her there can be a focus on other Gods and Goddesses that had a connection to her in antiquity. If rites/meetings will take place outdoors the local nymphs and spirits will be acknowledged too.