Sanctuary of Hekate Pharmakeia, Rhode Island, USA

Sanctuary of Hekate Pharmakeia
Torchbearer: Edward Catanzaro
Location: Rhode Island, USA

The Sanctuary of Hekate Pharmakeia is Dedicated to the Goddess Hekate who governs over all plant life. She teaches us the process of birth, death and rebirth through the Magic of Nature. Like the seed, everything holds that Spark of Divinity within itself which is pure in essence and connects us to the universe.

Our Work is mostly based on Ritual and much of our Magic is associated with the Herbal Kingdom. We strive to connect to Hekate’s sacred plants and trees, in order to rediscover and uncover those energies so that we may be inspired by them. We apply that inspiration and those vibrations to both time-honored and present day applications.

The Sanctuary is located in Rhode Island, USA. We gather once a month for Ritual and meditation, wortcunning and spellcrafting. We are a closed devotional space, however, we strive to bring new members into our Family and lead them to becoming Devotees within the COH. Although being an Herbalist is not a pre-requisite, a base knowledge of Herbal Lore is advantageous. We do not introduce any poisons by ingestion or by absorption. Our Path within the Poison Garden is one of Magic and Illumination.