Sanctuary of Hekate Pyrtania-Zootrophos – Maryland, USA

Sanctuary of Hekate Pyrtania – Zootrophos

Sanctuary of Hekate Pyrtania-Zootrophos
Torchbearer: Stacy Mathias
Location: Sparrows Point, Maryland – USA

The Sanctuary of Hekate Pyrtania – Zootrophos is a sanctuary within the Covenant of Hekate and is dedicated to Hekate-Pyrtania (Queen of the dead) and Hekate-Zootrophos (nourisher of life), as such we recognise the importance of honouring the dead, and celebrating life with all it has to offer. We strive to embody the five virtues of the Covenant of Hekate at all times.

Services/Commitment: We offer monthly Deipnon rituals, a yearly ritual for Hekate’s night in November and the annual Rite of Her Sacred Fires. Rites will be available both online and in-person to those wishing to participate. Members and attendees are welcome to leave prayers, petitions and blessings on the shrine of the Sanctuary or send them via e-mail to be placed on the shrine by the torchbearer on their behalf.

Note: The Sanctuary of Hekate Pyrtania – Zootrophos is open to all Covenant of Hekate (COH) members as well as non-members at the discretion of the Torchbearer. Interactions between individuals both online and in-person are to be carried out with fairness, openness, and respect, bearing in mind the 5 Virtues of the COH. The work and celebrations of this Sanctuary are rooted in the here and now, though we do draw inspiration from historical sources. We focus our Rites on our own personal experiences gained from exploring the Mysteries of Hekate.