Sanctuary of Hekate Trioditi (Athens, Greece)

Sanctuary of Hekate Trioditi
: Christina Moraiti
Location: Athens, Greece

The Sanctuary of Hekate Trioditi is located in Athens, the city where Hekate was widely worshipped since ancient times. It is formed with the aim to help the people reaching Greece with verified information through the map “Following Her Torches” to find Hekate in the capital and around other places on Greek soil and beyond. Through the study of Her Epithets, the Sanctuary stands as a constant place of knowledge and information about Hekate’s many aspects. Always following the Five Virtues of the Covenant of Hekate, the Sanctuary is open to all of Hekate’s children and it will exist with the goal of preserving information about the Goddess Hekate and it will aid those in need of guidance and help. WIth Torch and Key at hand, may we all be Enlightened.