Books (by members)

This is a list of books written by, or contributed to by members of the Covenant of Hekate, which is about the Goddess Hekate, related to the Goddess Hekate or otherwise relevant.

(Members: If you have publishing something which is relevant to this section but not yet included, please email with details, please include your CoH membership number)


  • Circle for Hekate – Volume 1: History & Mythology (2017) by Sorita d’Este, Avalonia
  • Hekate Liminal Rites (2009) by Sorita D’Este and David Rankine, Avalonia
  • Dionysos Exciter to Frenzy (2013) by Vikki Bramshaw, Avalonia
  • Cosmic Shekinah (2011) by Sorita d’Este and David Rankine, Avalonia
  • Artemis Virgin Goddess of the Sun and Moon (2005) by Sorita d’Este, Avalonia


  • Faery Craft (2012) by Emily Carding, Llewellyn Publications
  • Transparent Oracle (2010) by Emily Carding, Schiffer Publishing Ltd
  • Practical Elemental Magick (2008) by Sorita d’Este and David Rankine, Avalonia
  • Lunatik Witchcraft (2012) by Shay Skepevski,
  • The Dance of the Mystai Second Edition (2013) by Tinnekke Bebout, Pagan Writers Press

Anthologies which include articles and essays by members

Hekate: Her Sacred Fires, edited by Sorita d’Este, 2010, Avalonia

  • The Hekate Chronicles, Sorita d’Este
  • Swaying with the Serpent, Vikki Bramshaw
  • Suffer to Learn, Paul Harry Barron
  • Hekate’s Sacred Lunacy, Shay Skepevski
  • Shining Her Light on Fear, Connia Silver
  • A Rite for Hekate, Diane M. Champigny
  • A Druid & Hekate, Richard A. Derks
  • Painting Hekate, Emily Carding
  • Following Her Moons, Andrea Salgado Reyes (Andrea Angelos)
  • A Goddess for All Seasons, Amelia Ounsted
  • Hekate: An Illuminating Presence, Dorn Simon

Hekate Keys to the Crossroads, edited by Sorita D’Este, 2006, Avalonia

  • Guide and Goddess of Compassion, Amelia Ounsted
  • Working with Hekate, Paul Harry Barron
  • My Hekate Devotional, Alison

Priestesses Pythonesses & Sibyls, edited by Sorita d’Este, 2008, Avalonia Publishing

  • Dreaming with the Gods by Connia Silver
  • Ogun’s Dance by Andrea Salgado-Reyes (Andrea Angelos)
  • Lifting the Veil by Priestess Thea (Diane Champigny)
  • The Oracular Experience by Emily Ounsted
  • Mantic Voices by Sorita d’Este

Horns of Power, edited by Sorita d’Este, 2008, Avalonia Publishing

  • Triple Horns of the Greek Magical Papyri, Sorita d’Este

Memento Mori, edited by Kim Huggens, 2012, Avalonia Publishing

  • Don’t Fear the Reaper: the Evolution of the Death card in Tarot by Emily Carding


  • Hestia the Dreamwalker (2017) by S.E. Ellis, CreateSpace

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