Golden Sceptre

There is a reference to a sceptre of Hekate in PGM IV, 2741-45. She wears an eternal diadem and holds a golden scepter 45. Which are both connected to Kronos. There is an inscription on the scepter that Kronos himself inscribed into it:

Dammo, Damnomeneia, Damasandra, Damnodamia.

And Kronos gave Hekate this sceptre to wear it, so that everything may last forever. In Lautwein’s book 46, he describes the sceptre as a symbol for Hekate as a Goddess of fate and necessity and who rules over the phases of nature, the cycles and the cosmic order. He translates the inscription of the sceptre as: “Zwingerin, Mittbezwingerin, Mannbezwingerin, Zwangbezwingerin.” 46


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The Symbols of the Goddess Hekate
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