Rite of Her Sacred Fires

The Rite of Her Sacred Fires is a unique international devotional celebration of the mysteries and magic of the Goddess Hekate. It was born out of the Hekate Her Sacred Fires anthology project and written by Sorita d’Este who offered it as an act of devotion for all who wished to participate in May 2010. The first year saw the Rite of Her Sacred Fires translated into numerous languages with several thousand people from around the world participating by doing the ritual on the Full Moon that month. Since then the Rite has become a yearly event in May and has now been translated into 25+ languages (see below) and is facilitated each year by a team from the Covenant of Hekate who dedicate their time, energy and knowledge  to ensure that the necessary information is available for others to join in and that resources are available for individuals to learn about it and how to do it, please check The Rite of Her Sacred Fires on Facebook 

Explore the following pages which will contain all the information you need to join in and to find out more and others who are doing the Rite this year:

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