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The Rite of Her Sacred Fires is a global celebration of the Mysteries and Magic of the Goddess Hekate. Many devotees around the world performing the Rite by themselves or with friends sharing their spiritual beliefs and passion for the Goddess of the Crossroads have filmed the ceremony. This provides us with a unique glimpse of dozens of people performing the same ritual in different languages but with the same words (meaning) and the same gestures. It also provides a wonderful resource for those less experienced in ritual to see how the Rite is performed and to learn from seeing (rather than reading) which is a more traditional form of learning too (even if using modern technology!)

Sorita d’Este, who created the Rite of Her Sacred Fires doing the Rite in Wales 2010. Filmed by author Tara Sanchez with background music by Hekate Devotee, Astrologer and Author Jade Sol Luna.

Author and Torchbearer Emily Carding in her temple, 2010

The author and actress, Emily Carding in the Cornish woods, 2011

Torchbearer, author and linguist Paul Harry Barron performing the Rite in Esperanto, 2010 (with Sorita d’Este)

Snippet from a recording of the Rite in Welsh by Paul Harry Barron (Torchbearer)

The Rite in Spanish by Perseo

Rite in English, Wiccan Alex

The Rite in Catalan language, David Garrido Masmitja

The Rite in Filipino (Tagalog), by Winzadea Sapphire

The Rite in Greek, by Aelior7

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